Terms of Use

Terms of Use
Twocupid entered into a related web services(hereinafter referred to as services) of the following agreement (the "Termsof Use"). No matter who use our services are deemed to have agreed toabide by our terms of use.

1. Agree to Terms of Use

This Agreement (Terms of Use), includingpresent and future business website and the client. By using this service,whether or not you register as a Cmdate members (hereinafter referred to asmembers), you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms of use. If you donot agree to this Terms of Service, please stop using our services.

2. Eligibility requirements

Minors under the age of 18 years shall notuse our services. By using our service, you represent and warrant that you havethe right and ability to comply with all the provisions of the Terms of Use.

3. Changes to the terms of use

Twocupid reserves the right without priornotice, to change these Terms of Use. You can view the Terms of Service tochange the situation on a regular basis. When we make changes to the terms ofuse, if you use our services, whether or not you view that you agree to thesechanges.

4. Privacy

Twocupid respect the privacy of sitevisitors. Using the service should follow our privacy policy. Cmdate partnersagreed to follow the provisions of the privacy policy.

5. Service Change

Twocupid can decide to add, delete or modifyservices or the services without prior notice.

6. Custom

a) Payment

Your payment terms will be based on your method ofpayment, payment terms by you and the financial institution, credit card issueror other payment service provider of your choice (payment service provider)agreements to decide. If you do not accept payment services Twocupid your"payment service provider" to offer, you agree to pay all amountsrequired. You agree to use our service, pay all accounts payable. If yourreceivables paid, you can request us to cancel the status of your paidreceivable, once your account is canceled, you have to pay the state willterminate when the date of your last payment. Paid status is not transferable. Twocupid state has paid the ultimate sale, can not be refunded. Disputed costs should bereported to the Twocupid service within 60 days after your purchase. If you haveto pay the state for any questions, please contact us.

b) Service contract

You order at Cmfriend site service will not automaticallyrenew. You can contact our customer service team at any time to change orre-ordered. If you choose to order, your order will expire at the service doesnot automatically renew. Canceled before the expiry custom-made, can not get arefund.

c) Free trial and other promotional

Any free trial or other promotional methods, can becustomized to use our services in a specific trial period. If users need toorder promotional service provisions, you should cancel the order before thetrial period in order to avoid delivery of custom fees.

7. Join Twocupid through partners

If you register to use our services throughpartners Twocupid, and Twocupid with its partners to provide the service. You will have the right to use members of the service, and Twocupid the right to transfer your membership or paid to transfer your account to the Twocupid similarservices.

8. Community Content

All services should follow the requirementsof community content guidelines. You agree not to publish, transmit, distributeor link to anything involving unlawful, harassing, defamatory, threatening,harmful, obscene, rebellious, libel, slander the reputation of others, andviolations of the privacy of others of the content, nor send other peopleunhappy, or rather against other human rights groups or content. Intellectual propertywithout the written consent of the person shall not use the intellectualproperty of others, including information protected by copyright and trademarkprotection, alteration or change of intellectual property rights of others,such as non-copyright text or pictures. Twocupid will not be any mail sent bymembers or groups responsible for the content of the discussion thread, anyinformation, goods or services are not responsible for third party or membersof. Use our services, you agree that: In the following cases, Twocupid will notbe responsible to you or others: for example: a threat to any party,defamatory, obscene, indecent, attack or offense, or tort, including theillegal use of knowledge property rights. Twocupid does not have all theinformation you provide to (including feedback and suggestions), or you publish Twocupid, download, input or submit all the information ("submittedinformation"). However, if you posted on our Web site or client,uploading, inputting, providing or submitting information, you indicate thatyou give Twocupidperpetual and irrevocable right to transfer, Twocupid the rightto copy, use, store, modify, edit, translate or publish any or all of theinformation you have submitted, and without payment of royalties information. Twocupid no obligation to post or use the information you submit and Twocupid can alwaysdecide to delete the information you have submitted. In this website youdownload, input or submit information that indicates that you have your controlover the release of information. For your information is deleted, invalid orfailure to store, Twocupid and its partners will not be held responsible.

9. Member Account

Once you sign up for our service, you willreceive an account number and password, you are responsible for your accountand password confidential, and shall be responsible for all activities relatedto your account. Once registered as a member, you will be responsible for allof your information files. Prohibited publication of pornographic or otherobscene content in the file or web service project, because it would threatenyour membership. For the next line dating site members Twocupid, Twocupid will nottake any responsibility. You agree Twocupid send mail (involving serviceinformation (including changes to upgrade), new features or events, use theservices of the observations and recommendations) to you.

10. Disclaimer

In Twocupid website or published by Twocupid (or Twocupid agents or partners) information, according to "existing" and"existing" offer. It does all kinds of express or implied warrantiesand conditions.Twocupid does not control any information, products or servicesprovided by third parties. You expressly agree that use of the service willbear the risk alone. The fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law:Twocupid on all express or implied warranties, disclaimers, and such warrantyincluding but not limited to